Fire Danger

  • This expansion is located in a Wildland Urban Interface (WUI)
    level 2 & 3

  • Highly combustible oak woodlands, dry brush, and heavily wooded hills

  • Hundreds of hikers, equestrians and cyclists on the trail network daily will dramatically increase danger of wildfires

  • Back country hiking added Sep 2020

  • Expansive trail network covering 3,700 acres will entice hikers to camp overnight

  • Homeless setting up camps

  • Hundreds of residents within and surrounding the trail network will face increased risk of wildfires to their homes, property and animals

Country Road

Roads and Traffic

  • Additional 400-500 vehicles trips daily to and from HFRP proposed access on Bell Road​

  • Bell, Cramer and Lone Star roads are narrow, winding and hilly with blind curves​

  • These rural roads were never intended to sustain high traffic

  • Cyclists and truck/trailer rigs will compound traffic hazards

  • Currently no CHP presence on Bell, Cramer and Lone Star

  • Hwy 49 from Lone Star to Dry Creek Road is already the site of numerous accidents and fatalities, “Blood Alley”

jane cows.jpg


  • Placer County Farm Bureau supports Protect Rural Placer and opposes this project

  • Proposed parking lot paves over prime agricultural land

  • Cattle grazing land lost to expansive public trail network

  • Urbanized recreation focus undermines the sustainability of agriculture in Placer County

Foggy Forest


  • California Forestry designates this area as a riparian watershed to be protected 

  • Paving over open space ag land to create a parking lot and commercial concessions at 5345 Bell Road​

  • Hundreds of trees, many heritage oaks would need to be removed to widen roads​

  • Destruction of plant, water and wildlife habitats to create trails, access roads and bridges​

  • Water pollution to wetlands, streams, ponds, Orr Creek, Racoon Creek and NID Canal​

  • Disturbance to habitats and wildlife daily from hundreds of hikers, cyclists and equestrians​

  • Increased risk of wildfires which would destroy plants, trees, wildlife and their habits​

  • This proposed project is a “Placer Legacy” acquisition, but with its urban recreation focus, it does not preserve open space and habitat